Mar 252015

I’m working on a new book that will be called “The Light of Easter Island” – it’s a photographic adventure aimed at capturing Easter Island under a wide variety of lighting conditions. Your help is appreciated, with a pledge, or by sharing the kickstarter link with your friends. Thank you The Light of Easter Island Project

Feb 082015
South East Asia Part 1: Vietnam

If there is one place capable of capturing the collective imagination with visions of fabled treasures, unexplored jungle, ancient rituals and mysterious cultures the Angkor temple complex is certainly it. It is the lifetime dream of the traveling photographer, on par with Easter Island and Machu Picchu. Flying over the jungle for a while with views of lakes and river and lush landscape, I […continue]

Nov 162013
Hiking and Biking in Alta Patagonia

There’s a lot more to unpacking after a trip then taking things out of a backpack. That little receipt from the amazing chocolate shop, the trail map from that steep hike. And it’s unpacking that I found myself once again in Patagonia. Paradise exists, and I found another piece of it in Patagonia, and with it, the renewed knowledge that the world is too […continue]

Nov 132013
Last Minute Trip to Argentina: Part 1

  As I flip through the pages of my Lonely Planet guide to Argentina I feel an excitement growing like I haven’t felt it in a long time. In the past few years I have traveled near and far (mostly far). Just a week ago I was strolling along the roads of Munich; before then I was in Italy just in time to witness the […continue]

Oct 222013
Taormina: the Jewel of Sicily

Recently I had the opportunity to visit an old college friend in Taormina, Sicily, for a few days. This town sits atop a hill overlooking the Mediterranean sea and it’s well known and renowned as one of the hot spots for beach vacation in Italy. The architecture is what one would expect from an old Mediterranean beach town, colored buildings, churches and bell towers […continue]

Aug 252013

You have been taking photos enthusiastically for months, with subjects ranging from landscape to macro to long exposures and you have participated, or at least been lurking, in many online forums but all of a sudden you just don’t feel it anymore, you want to go out and take photos but can’t bring yourself to do it. You’ve just been diagnosed with a common […continue]

May 162013
Ancient Architecture - The Pyramids at Giza

It was bound to happen. I grew up a mere two hours flight away but I had never been there. I looked left from the height of my camel saddle and there they were, all three of them, the majestic pyramids of Khufu (Cheops), Khafre and Menkaure. All history books I’ve studied in school talked about their size, of what a great feat of […continue]

Mar 292013
NikSoftware by Google Collection

Nik Software titles have been a must for many professional photographers and recently Google bought this software company, but the best part is that Google has slashed the prices of the Nik products. For just $149 we can own the entire collection whereas before a single software titles was upwards of $200. And if that wasn’t enough, until March 30th only you can use […continue]

Mar 182013
Peru Day 6 - Nazca

  It’s been over five years since my adventures in Peru but the events that took place there, especially the night of October 29th, are burned in my memory and will be for a long time. The following is  recap of what happened after Huacachina, after we nearly lost our lives in a bus crash, which incidentally was when I stopped writing my travel […continue]

Oct 312012

Every so often in conversation with friends, in online forums or letters to magazines the topic of photo editing or retouching (those opposed will use the word “manipulation”) comes up. I want to give here my opinion on the subject. I’ll start by saying that the issue is twofold: on one side it’s merely artistic, an interpretation of what is seen and therefore completely […continue]