Jul 272017
Blackmore Lake Hike

Gorgeous day for a hike. The underwood was still wet from the night rain and the woods had a distinct smell of fir and wildflowers. The trail was marked with patches of Indian Paintbrush flowers, Lupine and wild daisies. The occasional squirrel would poke its head from a tree and watched me as I hiked by. The hike to Blackmore Lake was an easy […continue]

Jun 022017
Again in Seoul

My favorite time to write is while on public transportation, be it on an airplane or a train. Here I am, sitting on a plane from Detroit to Salt Lake City on my way home from a quick getaway to Seoul, South Korea. And a quick getaway it sure was. I left Montana on Tuesday morning and returning today, which is Friday. That gave […continue]

Jul 102016
New Article Published

This past week I had another article published, this time in New Zealand online magazine for photographers “Extraordinary Vision” EV is a beautiful magazine, available on Android and iOS platforms (you find it in the app store), which goal is to expand the way a photographer sees things allowing thus to help him take better and unusual photos. I hope you will enjoy my […continue]

May 132015
Review: ThinkTank Photo Airport Accelerator

My most recent trip was to a destination I had wanted to see all my life: the remote Easter Island (Rapa Nui). This island has captured the imagination of more than one photographer and it had been on my bucket list of must-see places for a very long time. Typically, because of its remoteness (and expense) this is not a trip that one does […continue]

Apr 142015
MotoGP Weekend at the Circuit of the Americas

What a great weekend! Beside photography one of my passions is sport bikes. Last weekend I flew down to Austin, Texas to watch the MotoGP race at the Circuit of the Americas with the hope of capturing some good photos of this event, for once leaving behind landscape photography. For those of you who don’t know what MotoGP is, it is the motorcycle equivalent […continue]

Mar 262015
Twitter !

Do you have a photography or travel question that needs and answer? Or perhaps you just want to say hi? Tweet Me! @lucadianaphoto

Mar 252015

I’m working on a new book that will be called “The Light of Easter Island” – it’s a photographic adventure aimed at capturing Easter Island under a wide variety of lighting conditions. Your help is appreciated, with a pledge, or by sharing the kickstarter link with your friends. Thank you (Closed)

Feb 082015
South East Asia Part 1: Vietnam

If there is one place capable of capturing the collective imagination with visions of fabled treasures, unexplored jungle, ancient rituals and mysterious cultures the Angkor temple complex is certainly it. It is the lifetime dream of the traveling photographer, on par with Easter Island and Machu Picchu. Flying over the jungle for a while with views of lakes and river and lush landscape, I […continue]

Jan 302015
Telemark Techical Manual

My friend Scott McGee, a true Telemark Guru, has written a new book on telemark instruction for the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors Association). I’m happy to announced it here. The book also contains many photos taken by me, as Scott and I have worked together on the subject for several ski publications.