My surgery went well, although some of the pain lingers and having some discomfort from not being able to sleep in bed. Hopefully in a few days things will be a lot better as I feel strength to my arm returning every day a bit more. This is all of the typing I can do, for everything else I rely on my Android’s Swype and Dictation.

  • Anders Grenvik

    Luca, you will be as good as new and will be able to throw a good fastball soon :-). I, personally have not had surgeries of that kind, but I have had back surgery and two years ago I fell off the roof of my garage (112 feet straight down). I was lucky to be walking, since I severly crushed L1 and L2 (no surgery0 was told to be in a body cast for nearly 4 months. All this during the hot summer months in 2010. I am doing fine today, but have other small issues after that. Good luck with therapy and recovery.

  • Anders Grenvik

    BTW, that dostamce should be 12 feet, onto grassy area.

  • Airaspen

    Hope you’re entirely healed, I shattered my elbow & tore my shoulder & bicep tendon=2 elbow surgeries + 3 shoulder surgeries…it’s an insidious pain. I wanted to thank you for all the details & instructions you put on SKW i-share. It’s amazing & so useful! Unlike answers from Austin that refer to another article, you actually give information that can be instantly utilized. I also have travel & photography background, your website is very well done. If you get to Aspen give me a heads up, I am seasonal winter only CS FT.

  • I’m doing much better, thank you very much. My arm is still a little stiff but I’ve regained a lot of my original strength. Thank you for your kind words.