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Canon has recently announced, and they are now available for pre-order, two new cameras: the EOS 5D S ($3,699) and the EOS 5D SR ($3,899). These new toys feature a new and improved sensor of 50.6 MegaPixels. That’s right, 50.6

Apparently the MegaPixel War is far from over. While I would really like to get my hands on one of them (particularly the 5D SR, which has the low-pass filter effect canceled for increased sharpness, making it a great camera for landscape photographers), pre-reviews are starting to pop a bit everywhere. One of my favorite quotes is from architectural photographer Fernando Guerra (a Canon Explorer of Light photographer who was offered a pre-production unit for testing):

“Because I had to deliver many pictures to the client, I started looking into the JPEGs. I wondered ‘Can I really deliver JPEGs to a client?’ I never did that before. That’s when we discovered that the JPEGs were really quite good… maybe good enough that you don’t have to open the RAW files. I was amazed, because of the clarity and the lack of noise. I was thinking ‘maybe I should shoot more JPEGs with this camera?’ Because if you’ve nailed the exposure; if you’ve nailed the white balance – you don’t see any problems. It’s a pretty special JPEG machine.” – Fernando Guerra

See the Canon website for more details.