Aug 012012
A Stroll in Seoul

The moment I stepped out of the airplane I felt like I had just jumped a few years into the future. Incheon International Airport (Seoul’s main airport) is what could be defined as “state of the art” among airports. Not by chance it has been voted best airport in the world for seven consecutive years (although, for its facilities I’d give the title to […continue]

Jun 192012
Ancient Stars over an Ancient Tower

Last Friday I had the pleasure to lead a group of local photographers to an excursion in search of some great sunset and night shots. The location we decided upon is called Cala Domestica and is situated a short but breathtaking drive south of the town of Buggerru in Sardinia. The two beaches of Cala Domestica are situated at the end of an inlet […continue]

Jun 122012
Sardinia, Italy - some news

Greetings from the beautiful island of Sardinia, my native place. The weather has been beautiful and I’m slowly regaining motion of my arm. I’m finally able to lift my camera and press the shutter button again, so that’s a big plus. The sky has been gifting us with some pretty amazing sunsets recently; hopefully there will be a few more before I have to say goodbye. […continue]

May 182012

My surgery went well, although some of the pain lingers and having some discomfort from not being able to sleep in bed. Hopefully in a few days things will be a lot better as I feel strength to my arm returning every day a bit more. This is all of the typing I can do, for everything else I rely on my Android’s Swype and Dictation.

May 122012

Next week I’m getting some much needed shoulder surgery and after that I won’t be likely to press the shutter for a while, but hopefully I will be writing some new pieces. I finished the first draft of a new article and it’s now being submitted to a magazine.

May 022012

I just took a quick trip to New York City and had the chance to take some sunset photos of the new World Trade Center tower coming up. It really is beautiful. I’ll have some photos up soon. The trip was quite inspiring and at one point I sat down on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and wrote a new article […continue]

Apr 282012
New Discounts Page

There’s a new page on my main website’s menu: Discount Offers. Here you can find discounts from some of my friends and partners for all your photographic needs: software, accessories, web hosting, etc.

Apr 212012
Popular Photography May 2012

The May issue of Popular Photography with its Travel Special section is out now, and with it my article on how to take your camera bags safely on an airplane trip. Don’t miss it!