Mar 162012

Stay tuned for reviews of the Pelican Storm Case i2600, ThinkTankPhoto Flight AT camera roller, Mountainsmith Borealis AT Day Pack, Wacom Intuos5 tablet and Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2.

Mar 062012
Adobe Releases Photoshop Lightroom 4

It’s finally out! I’ve been beta-testing Lightroom since version 1 and I’ve put version 4 beta to the test by using this exclusively for the editing of the images of an upcoming book and this version has the best workflow yet. If you already own a previous version of LR, the upgrade is $79, and I strongly recommend it. The full version costs $149. […continue]

Feb 242012
Star Trails

I was reading a blog page of someone who was experimenting with taking photos of star trails and gave some advice. I decided to repost it here as other new photographers might find this useful to experiment with. First of all, trails alone are a good exercise but of little photographic value because identical results can be produced with a software without having to […continue]

Nov 292011
Bahamas: Diving with Sharks

Blue is a recurrent color in my photography, a color I have always felt drawn to, therefore it’s no wonder that I feel a special connection with the ocean. In the past years this has developed into a passion for scuba diving, pushing me to dive in different locations and achieve various certifications, the latest of which being the PADI Rescue Diver. Add to […continue]

Oct 262011
Navigator of the Seas

  “There’s too much food on this ship” – I couldn’t believe I just said that, talking to a couple in the elevator. Well, the problem is not that there’s too much food, but rather that there’s too much good food and it’s all free and available 24 hours a day. But let’s roll back to a few days earlier… Navigator of the Sea: […continue]

May 092011
Jordan & Petra - Part 2

My legs were aching as I climbed up the steep path leading to the Sacrifice Place, high above Petra. The morning had started early and being one of the very first people in I enjoyed the ancient city nearly alone. The tourists would flock a few hours later, but for now it was me, my new hiking friend from England (a young and active […continue]

Jul 142010
Alaska: Denali National Park

In a well rehearsed goodbye, Mt. McKinley shows its majestic body above the clouds and begs me to come back. I smile at it from my airplane seat and I feel a mix of excitement and sadness as the mountain view recedes from my eyes. My visit to Alaska was short, barely 3 days but it was intense, both on the amount of miles […continue]