Your Favorite Places

What are your favorite Places?

Please describe your favorite place (where it is, how to get there, best time of the year to visit, necessary gear, etc.).
If you have a photo to go with it, email me and I will add it for you.

  • One of our favorite areas to visit for photography is the Page Arizona area which lies right on the Northwest border of Arizona and Utah. This area of the west is home to Horseshoe Canyon, Antelope Slot Canyon, Wire Pass Slot Canyon, the Vermillion Cliffs, The infamous Wave, and the Coyote Buttes.

    We stayed for over a week dry camping out in the desert for free and hiked miles upon miles of empty, beautiful trails every day. The weather was perfect with a light jacket on in the early mornings and late afternoons and t-shirts on during the daytime. This made for perfect sleeping weather and very enjoyable hiking weather.

    This area is perfect for those wide angle vistas, and panoramic shots. You can leave the big zooms at home and strictly carry a few choice wide angles and maybe a medium sized telephoto lens to crop in on some shots.

    It was also early spring, so the cactus were blooming which made a set of Macro Tubes come in very handy. Another great tip to know is the mid day sun when most everything in the viewfinder will be washed out is the perfect time for shooting the slot canyons.

    The high noon sun sends light rays down the narrow slots and bathes them in a soft glow.

    Things to make sure you bring. Tripod, Polarizing Filter, Wide Angle Lens, Lots of Water, Good comfortable hiking boots, a very comfy backpack and find yourself a good hiking book. Page has a few full service stores that should be able to stock you up because once you get out into the desert, you want to make sure you’re fully stocked.

    You can also check out our photos for the Coyote Buttes area here

  • Thanks for the post, Pat. I have been close to Page several times but not close enough. It’s in my list.